How Are You Growing and Developing?


Here in my 36th year as an educator, I’m more energized and enthused now than I was earlier in my career. I believe it’s due to the variety of opportunities to grow and develop available to me. Technology has also provided me with tools to connect and learn from others by giving me a PLC through social media and the ability to connect virtually and in person with them.

This week I brainstormed a list of ways I grow and develop professionally and personally. This list is not meant to be exhaustive of potential opportunities, rather my list contains ways I’m currently most engaged in my growth and development.

My list contains social media (Twitter, Voxer, Facebook, Instagram) and in person connections; attending local, state, and national conferences; reading for pleasure and professional growth (blogs, social media posts, articles, children’s books, leadership books); spending time exploring my passions (cooking, traveling, coding, robotics); involvement in my state principals’ association; engaging in professional development at the building, district, and state levels; attending EdCamps; participating in Webinars; listening to podcasts; and reflecting by blogging. What’s on your list?

Reflecting and writing down my professional growth opportunities, it’s no wonder sometimes I feel scattered and that I’ve got my hands in a variety of activities, because I do! I just remember these growth opportunities keep me supplied with ideas, mentors, and ways to keep becoming a better principal.

Find what you’re passionate about, connect with others, and remember growing and developing is a step by step journey. I had to learn to take my own journey and not try to copy someone else’s. Sometimes it was challenging but also turned out to be more rewarding for me.