A Tweet A Day Is The Positive Way


I’m in my fourth summer of Tweeting my summer learning, reflecting, and adventures. The first year I Tweeted for 90 days, the next year it was 100 days, and last year I used #89DaysOfSummer. This year I am using the hashtag #95DaysOfGWSummer to share a Tweet a day from students’ last day of the 2016-2017 school year to their first of the 2017-2018 year.

Some of the reasons I started this were to share more about myself, show how I spend my summer, and demonstrate that my learning never stops.  But, this year I have discovered another reason for documenting my daily summer Tweets. Doing this really makes me think about the positive things happening with my school and in my life. Finding 95 things to post during the summer days makes me reflect and pay attention to even the smallest things in life. I’ve posted about sunrises, sunsets, trees, flowers, friends, family, and food. I’ve also shared about my readings, connections, collaborations, and planning.

I need to give credit to George Couros for this. In December 2013, at the TIES Conference in Minneapolis, I remember George saying, “If you’re not telling your school’s story, then someone else will.” I took that challenge and started my Twitter journey. I thought, I can certainly find one great thing happening in my school each day and Tweet that using a school hashtag I created. That idea grew and soon I was sharing more than one thing a day and I began connecting with others, participating in Twitter chats, and deepening my professional learning.

I really enjoy my #95DaysOfGWSummer Tweets because it makes me look for the positive things in life. Sometimes I’ll capture an image and save it for a later post but most posts are about something I’ve experienced that day.

I’ve been criticized for only focusing on and sharing the positive, but I’ll take that. Shouldn’t we be sharing the great things happening in our schools and in our lives? After all, there’s so much more of that happening than not.

2 thoughts on “A Tweet A Day Is The Positive Way

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for another thought-provoking post. I think it’s great that you unapologetically post the positives. Why shouldn’t we? 99% (if not more) of what happens in schools is positive, so our sharing should reflect that.

    I often compare schools to Trip Advisor reviews. The very few people with negative experiences are the most eager to share. Let’s change this and, as George perfectly suggests, make the positive as loud as possible!



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