Managing Drama


Last week I shared the events of a particularly busy day with my Principals In Action PLN on Voxer. One term I used seemed to resonate with others. I described some days in May as “drama filled.”

Now, I’m not disparaging anyone or any incident because the month of May can bring out drama, for very legitimate reasons: the school year is coming to an end; the pressure to get everything done on time is real; patience is wearing thin; and, for some students and family members, summer is a stressful time.

I offer five tips to managing the drama that presents itself at this time of the school year.

First, remain calm. Your calmness will be reassuring and can help calm others’ feelings and emotions.

Second, listen. Many people just want to vent and share and just by listening you are helping. Also, by actively listening, you can help paraphrase what you heard or identify the underlying issue.

Third, reduce your commitments. Don’t overschedule yourself, that will stress YOU out. And, it is okay to say, “no.” I’ve said “no” recently to someone who wanted to add another thing during this busy time of the year.

Fourth, be present. Your visibility will be comforting to others and with reduced commitments, you’ll be available to respond to situations and support others.

Finally, lean on others. We all need a listening ear, advice, and support ourselves so find others who can provide that. I reach out to members of my PLN during these busy weeks and that is very helpful.

We won’t be able to eliminate the busy and sometimes drama filled days in May, but how we behave and react can help situations and others, ultimately helping ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Managing Drama

  1. This is good stuff, brother. I fully understand where you are coming from. Good reminder to stay calm, be present and to serve. Finish strong, Principal French.

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