I Cried at School Today

IMG_0203I cried at school today. Yes, principals cry. Maybe I cried because I’ve worked hard with one particular family but I still can’t get their daughter to stop fighting on the bus. Maybe I cried because I had to comfort one of my 6th grade boys because a classmate made fun of his beautiful skin color. Maybe I cried because a mother who came in to discipline her child finally broke down and admitted she can’t read. Maybe I cried because some weeks we care so much and try to help so many and it seems like we’re not getting ahead. But, things have a way of coming together and sorting themselves out. At the end of the day, a first grader came to tell me this was his last day because he was moving. He then gave me a hug and said he was going to miss me. Yep, then I cried, again.

6 thoughts on “I Cried at School Today

  1. Sorry, Mr. French. We have hard, hard jobs. We give all we have, and it’s not enough. Burgess told me just this week that we can’t save everyone; we can only provide the opportunity. You’re making a difference.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you about your struggles. A long time ago, when I told you how frustrated and concerned I was about two very “tricky” students, (one ended up in a lock ward the following year), you asked me simply, “How are the rest of your students doing?” As you kindly reminded me, although it’s hard to let go of those we feel we can’t help, we need to reflect on the good we can do for others, The other night, I met three former kindergarten students who were in my most challenging class of thirty plus years. Since that year I’ve worried about those well behaved students, but they reassured me they had great memories of their kindergarten year. Their sweet talk and stories were music to my ears. May you reflect on those stories that remind you, Mark, you have made an difference.

  3. Mark, you always have been a kind and caring person. I remember in school, yes, way back then, that you were kind to everyone and had such strong character! It has continued into your adult years and shows in the job you do so well! Congratulations on making a difference in the world of our future! Sometimes it’s hard, but it will always be remembered!

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