I Removed the Reserved Parking Sign


I removed the “Reserved Parking” sign at my new school this summer. Having a reserved parking spot for me, the principal, didn’t feel good. I have seen these signs at other schools and I never understood them. I’ve seen reserved parking for a staff member of the month and I think that’s a cool idea. But, I don’t need one as principal. I don’t need a parking spot that sets me apart from my building colleagues. I can walk from where all staff members park. Why are my parking needs more important than anyone else’s?

I had the reserved parking spot removed to make another parking space available in front of the school for parents. I like parking farther away from the front doors for the exercise, fresh air, and visual perspective it gives me. I’ve noticed many things like parking lot lights, driving habits, school signage, sidewalk care, and curb appeal on my walk into school.

Join me in removing any “Reserved Parking” signs that still exist.

3 thoughts on “I Removed the Reserved Parking Sign

  1. Our admin recently designated all parking in front of our school as reserved for them, guests and secretaries. All teachers must park on a side lot. Speaks volumes!

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