Tyler Florence and I Are Now BFFs

Dave Burgess, Teach Like a Pirate, inspired me to find my passion. Fellow educators modeled the value of blogging. In 2015, I combined my passion for cooking into a blog at http://www.principalwhocooks.wordpress.com. My goal that year was to select a different cookbook each week and document my adventures with new recipes. I enjoyed that challenge and found ways to connect lessons with cooking to my work as an educator.

I’ve been thinking about reviving PrincipalWhoCooks to get back into the blogging habit. Last weekend I gave myself another cooking challenge. We had tuna steaks to use so I looked up Salad Niçoise recipes (I knew the recipe was for a salad with tuna) and I came across a recipe by one of my favorite chefs, Tyler Florence. I have watched Tyler on the Food Network in shows like The Great Food Truck Race, Tyler’s Ultimate, Food 911, and How to Boil Water. His recipes and cooking style are easy to replicate and I have some of his cookbooks in my collection.


Back to Salad Niçoise. I followed Tyler’s recipe and documented the final result. The dish turned out quite well and I Tweeted photos thanking @TylerFlorence. Well, I was surprised and shocked when Tyler responded to my Tweet later that evening. Tyler Florence responded to me! You never know how following your passion, writing and reflecting, and being connected will reach and affect others.


So, watch for the revival of PrincipalWhoCooks. For next year’s cooking challenge I’m conisidering using The Meat Free Monday Cookbook written by Paul McCartney and his daughters. I need to get into healthier eating habits. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a Twiiter message from one of The Beatles next year. A guy can dream, can’t he?


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