I Missed The Photo!



These are members of my PLN, a group of principals I’ve been connected with through Voxer and Twitter as we eagerly awaited the 2016 NAESP conference July 6-8 in National Harbor, Maryland. I’d only met three of them in person before, but through our online connecting, I felt as though they were my colleagues and friends; friends I learn with, gain encouragement from, and am inspired by.

Because of my own misunderstanding, I left right before this photo was taken. I was there in the ballroom with all of these principal rock stars, I really was! Boy, was I bummed I wasn’t able to be captured as part of this incredible group of leaders.

As the senior member of the group (no one is asking for my identification), I am so impressed by these friends and am optimistic about the future of education because of their leadership.

Having a PLN and being a connected principal has energized, uplifted, and rejuvenated me. I gain so much from these, and other principals, from around the country, and around the world.

However, nothing compares to meeting people in person you have been connected with through Voxer and Twitter. I jokingly say I’m taller online and was a bit nervous about being able to identify folks from their online profile photos, but it was easy to spot and greet each of my new friends, many with a huge hug (and a couple with a fist bump). I will treasure the personal connections I made during the conference and I won’t let that be the last time I see these educators in person.

I’m slowly getting over the missed photo opportunity and what’s helping with that are the experiences and memories etched in my mind and heart. Oh, and here’s the updated photo. Now, that’s much better!


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