Can You Have White Space In The Middle Of A Crowd?

I attended a social event last Saturday night at the home of friends. There were about sixty guests present who were enjoying each other’s company. One person I met and spent time talking to was a fellow educator who moved here from Europe this past summer. I was interested in what brought him here, how he liked the area, and how his school year was going. He commented to me that I didn’t talk a lot but was engaged in listening to him. He said he liked that and his experience was that not many people do that. He said people like to talk about themselves more than listen. I thanked him for the compliment and told him I was actively listening to and learning from him. His remarks got me thinking, “Can you have white space in the middle of a crowd?” I think you can. Even though there were many people around, I remember listening intently, focusing on him, learning new things, and being interested in this new friend. I found that to be white space time for me, giving someone my undivided attention.

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