Commuting White Space

I have heard and read from educators near and far about their daily commute. Many people relish this time and use it as white space. I know educators who stay connected by listening to and using Voxer during their drive. Others use drive time to listen to music, public radio, podcasts, or books on tape. My commute time door to door is twenty minutes and I like to listen to music. I don’t like using my hands-free cell phone or listen to the news. I like to listen to music, think about the day ahead, or reflect on the past day to get myself in the right frame of mind and spirit. Maybe your commute is time you can capture as white space.

One thought on “Commuting White Space

  1. My commute is about 45 miles round trip. So I have lots of time to choose the silence, an audiobook, MPR, or Pandora. Silence is usually my choice especially on the drive home.

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