Asian Food Market White Space

imageIn the winter, I get cravings for comfort foods and the time spent preparing these dishes is calming, peaceful, and white space for me. One of Kip’s and my favorite dishes is Khao Soi, a Thai curry noodle soup with beef or chicken. After some research and reading, I found an easy recipe for Khao Soi that necessitated a trip to an Asian food market. Besides being a learning experience, it was a exercise in focusing and paying attention because the ingredients weren’t as familiar to me as items in my neighborhood grocery store. Coconut milk is not the same thing as coconut cream and I needed thin egg noodles and not rice noodles. Can I use kimchi (Korean) or is there a Thai version of fermented cabbage? I enjoyed seeing and learning about different products and ingredients and this trip was not a quick in and out visit but a slow paced exploration of the store. One great byproduct of this white space time was a homemade bowl of Khao Soi almost as delicious as that of our favorite Thai restaurant.


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