Dismissal Duty White Space

imageDon’t tell my staff that I love morning arrival and afternoon dismissal duty, even during the winter. I want them to think I’m modeling for others, finding ways to be accessible and visible, and connecting with students and family members. When I became principal at Rice Lake I started spending every morning before the bell rings and the end of the day outside. This is great white space time for me. I get fresh air, brave the elements, and learn by observing driving habits, adult and student behavior, and school wide systems. I also thought that if I expect students and staff members to be outside, I need to be willing to be there myself. Arrival and dismissal duty are enjoyable for me for all the reasons I’ve mentioned and it gives me time to reflect, slow down, observe, pay attention, and learn. Okay, I might not be the greatest fan of my outside time when the temperature with windchill can be 35° below zero but I do gain a satisfaction on those days that I can handle the weather!

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