90 Days of RLR – Reflection, Learning, and Rejuventation!

I’d like to belive that I will keep this blog up-to-date through the summer but that might be wishful thinking. However, you may still keep up with me during the summer on Twitter at #RLRSummer. I will be posting every day during my 90 Days of RLRReflection, Learning, and Rejuvenating – from June 6 – September 3. I am using the RLR tag that we use during the school year (Rice Lake Roadrunners Model Respect, Learning, and Responsibility).

Don’t be afraid of Twitter and don’t think you have to follow random celebrities’ every move. I have enjoyed using Twitter to share the great things happening at Rice Lake and build my PLN – Personal Learning Network. If you desire, you can simply follow #RLRSummer to keep track of my 90 Days of RLR postings. Perhaps by doing that, you may be encouraged to take more Twitter steps; following others, “lurking” in Twitter chats, or posting your own reflections, learnings, and rejuvenations!

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