Superheroes Wanted!


I have the privilege of reading the optional parent request forms as we work through the process of developing class lists for next year. In the past, I have shared the qualities that are mentioned most often when parents describe the type of teacher or classroom environment that would be best for their child. This year I have again collected the most common requests from parents. This year’s list is: Positive, Nurtuting, Uses Technology, Organized, Challenging, Communicative, Firm, Humorous, Artistic, and Calm. I titled this post “Superheroes Wanted” because, as a former classroom teacher, I know how hard it is to embody all of those characteristics all of the time. Thankfully, at Rice Lake, we have staff members who make it a priority to develop positive relationships with students and give them what they need to be successful. I also think about “Superheroes Wanted” when I have the opportunity to interview and bring new staff members to Rice Lake. Now, if I could just have some of those superhero powers….

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