It’s That Time of Year

Spring is always a busy time at school because we are doing two things at once; teaching and learning for the final weeks of school and planning and preparing for the next school year. Our teachers are excellent at keeping the teaching and learning happening through the last day of school, albeit with more field trips, special events, and fun activities sprinkled throughout the weeks. We also focus on planning and preparing for next school year with our class placement process, budgeting, and staffing. This year all licensed staff members are helping with the planning by assisting one or more of six planning teams I established. I asked two licensed staff members to co-facilitate and manage each of the planning teams as they meet in April, May, and June to brainstorm, research, and make recommendations for next year. The six planning teams are: Digital Learning, Equity, PBIS, Scheduling, Student Support, and Transition. The Digital Learning Planning Team will focus on how we implement the district digital learning initiatives and support students and staff with that. The Equity Planning Team will review our systems of support and see how to provide more support and direction to insure that all students make equitable student achievement gains. The PBIS Planning Team will review our PBIS activities and prioritize our PBIS work for next year. The Scheduling Planning Team will develop a schedule draft that accounts for recess, lunch, prep, and WIN (What I Need) Time periods. The Student Support Planning Team will focus on our Child Study Team process, our Student Intervention Team procedures, and our Student Support Team practices. And, the Transition Planning Team will attend to activities, events, and practices in preparation for the grade reconfiguration from K-6 to preK-5 for the 2015-2016 school year. If any Rice Lake community members have ideas for any of these planning team, please let me know and I will direct those to the appropriate co-facilitators.

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