I Keep Learning, Even on Vacation!

Tomorrow, April 7, 2014, I get to welcome students, families, and staff members back to school after spring break. I enjoy break for the time it gives me to reflect on the school year and to think, plan, and learn that I can apply to the remaining nine weeks of school. Even though I was out of school last week I got to spend time learning. Thanks to technology, I stayed connected with my personal learning networks through Twitter. Most of my Twitter learning was reading others’ posts, retweeting inspiring quotes and messages, and thinking about ways to motivate staff members and engage students. I am collecting ideas to share as we venture into the 1-to-1 initiative next school year and as we welcome a new Technology Integration Specialist. I continued my learning during my travels in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I increased my knowledge of the history of Mt. Rushmore, the development of the town of Deadwood, and our National Park Service. I didn’t know there were so many affiliated sites within the National Park Service. On this trip alone I visited national parks, grasslands, forests, monuments, memorials, and trails. There is so much to see and do in this country. One of my personal goals is to visit all 50 states. I am almost there, having visited 44 of the 50 states. Last summer I checked off Alaska leaving only Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont to go! Even on vacation I keep learning and enjoy thinking of ways to share that with students, families, and staff members!

One thought on “I Keep Learning, Even on Vacation!

  1. I love Mt Rushmore. I used to take Tyler & Richard there at least once a month when we lived there. They have a great Jr. Ranger program that teaches the kids a lot!

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