Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and __________.

Schoolhouse Rock

Academics are one of our top priorities here at Rice Lake.  At this time of the year, teachers are focusing on making sure our students are prepared for the math, reading, and science portions of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments.  Soon, they will do the same for the reading and math sections of the Measures of Academic Progress of the NWEA.  Even with that focus on academic achievement, it is nice to recognize some of the other things that students are engaged in at Rice Lake.  We completed our second school musical this weekend with nearly 50 Rice Lake Roadrunners performing in Schoolhouse Rock Live, Jr.  We are looking forward to the third annual musical next school year!  Rice Lake students participate in the All-District Choir, Fermi Math League, PROS group, Students Connecting Through International Service Project, band and orchestra concerts, and our 5th and 6th grade chorus, among opportunities avaiable to students. While student achievement and academic progress are priorities, I want families to know that extra curricular activities and other opportunities are important as we develop students to achieve their dreams, contribute to community, and engage in a lifetime of learning.

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