Breakfast and Lunch at Rice Lake

A few weeks ago there was some media about school lunches being taken away and/or denied in another state. I am happy to say that at Rice Lake, and in the Osseo Area Schools, that practice does not happen. I am proud of the breakfast and lunch programs we offer. We have approximately 150 students (that includes Kidstop) that start their day with breakfast at school. Approximately 500 students enjoy lunch served at school. We provide a meal to every student, regardless of lunch balance, and when students run a negative balance, the meals continue while we engage in problem solving to identify any additional assistance families may need. I am proud of our food service and custodial staff that work hard to provide the meals and manage the cafeteria. Our ESPs supervise students in the cafeteria and other support staff members help with student supervision and engagement.

Lunch for all students is not just a priority at Rice Lake and in the Osseo Area Schools. Governor Dayton pledged to include $3.5 million in his supplemental budget request “to ensure that no Minnesota student is denied access to a hot meal at lunchtime.” Legislative leaders, who returned to session at the end of February, have similarly vowed to make lunch funding a priority. Senator Al Franken also is working to provide federal funding to help more low-income children get school meals.

If you ever have a question about breakfast or lunch with respect to your child or children, please feel free to call me directly at 763-315-7380. Thank you for allowing us to work with your children to help them achieve their dreams, contribute to community, and engage in a lifetime of learning.

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