Our Valuable ESPs and AESPs

Governor Dayton proclaimed January 12-18, 2014 as Paraprofessional Recognition Week. On Friday, January 24, our staff members thanked our paraprofessionals (whom are Educational Support Professionals, or ESPs, and Administrative ESPs to us) with a luncheon in their honor. 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Berg stated it well in some of her recent Twitter posts about how valuable and important our ESPs are. We have ESPs that support clerical, instructional, special education, and English learner assignments. ESPs supervise students in Kidstop, on the playground, in the cafeteria, to and from buses, and outside with safety patrols. They provide instruction to individual and small groups of students in grade level, special education, and EL classrooms. They deliver intervention programs such as Gates, Early Success, Soar to Success, and Read Naturally. They assist with volunteers, testing, technology, media, resources, supplies, student information processing, greeting visitors, scheduling, student behavior, recognition programs, academic support, and so many other things that support students, families, and staff members.

We greatly appreciate our ESPs and AESPs and say thank you to Cathy C, Colleen, Mary G, Marla, Sally Sj, Denise, Mary B, Karen, Jeanne, Laurie, Corrine, Donna W, Kerry, Sally St, Donna K, Patty, Kathy C, Jo, Debbie, Dee Dee, Molly, Kari, Melissa, Diane, Julie, Brigitte, Lorri, Colette, and Jacob.

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