Why Twitter?

On December 23, 2008, I joined Facebook. This was in response to a suggestion made by Tim Wilson, District 279 Chief Technology Officer. He encouraged us to establish a Facebook account to learn about this social media site younger folks were excited about. Since then I have connected with friends and family members, posted photos and updates, and have generally enjoyed using Facebook.

Well, nearly five years later, on December 18, 2014, I reengaged with Twitter. I posted my first school Tweet with a picture from a first grade classroom. I engaged with Twitter for the same reasons I joined Facebook, to see why so many young people are flocking to this site. I was inspired by George Couros, a Canadian educator and school administrator who presented to principals at the 2014 TIES Conference.

Since then, I have posted 180 Tweets, shared photos of great things happening at Rice Lake, followed 362 people, secured 192 followers, and participated in four Twitter chats. My goals are to share at least one Tweet a day about Rice Lake, get 100% of our licensed staff members following me (I am up to 34 with 18 to go!), learn more about Twitter chats for my professional learning and growth, and promote Twitter to our staff members, families, and students.

I have been asked, “Why Twitter?” Here are some of the reasons:
-If I am not learning and growing and changing, then neither are our teachers and our students;
-I want to learn about social networking in order to stay connected with what young people are interested in;
-I want to extend my professional learning network to anyone around the country, or world, who can help me improve;
-I want to share the great things happening at Rice Lake;
-I want to be a role model or others.

So, join me on Twitter! Follow me @PrincipalFrench or search the hashtag #RLRoadrunners to see the great things happening at our school. If you are a reluctant Twitter user (like I was), let me know if I can help you or answer any questions. I have found at home I am turning off the television more and picking up my phone, tablet, or laptop to Tweet or read about those I am following.

Join me in the Twitterosphere!

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